THEATER - a selection

2017-2019  A - Lead, All My Dreams Come True - A Disneydrama, Director: Annika Silkeberg, Sudden Art

2019  Laura and others, Kräftan, Director: Ruben Lopez, POMBO

2018  Ester Nilsson - Lead, Utan Personligt Ansvar, Director: Annika Silkeberg, Brigaden

2018  Actress/Teacher, Totalnormal, Director: Ruben Lopez, Fanzingo

2017  Brigid Blake - Rehearsed Reading in English, The Humans, Director: Björn Lönner, Playhouse Teater

2017  Marina - Rehearsed Reading in English, Location Scout, Director: Emanuel Rohss, INDEX

2016  Sarah - Lead, Älskaren, Director: Ruben Lopez, Kompani1 Teater

2016  Evelyn - Lead, YTA, Director: Karl Seldahl, Kompani1 Teater 

2016  Monica - Lead, Tryffelsvin, Director: Patrik Bergner, Kompani1 Teater 

2015  Sofia - Lead, Gubbjävel, Director: Karl Seldahl, Teater Iris

2013  Kattis - supporting actress, Efter Passionen, Director: Mathias Lafolie, Svenska Kyrkan

2012  Viola/Sebastian - Lead, Trettondagsafton, Director: Patrik Bergner, Teater Iris

2011  Cecily Cardew - supporting actress, Mister Ernest, Director: Patrik Bergner, Teater Iris 

2010  Aina - supporting actor, Drömmen om Herrön, Director: Thomas Alfredsson, The Royal Dramatic Theater

2010  Nonno/Spejare - supporting actor, Mio min Mio, Director: Stefan Wall, Wall Scenproduktion 

2010  Monika - Lead, Visning 23:35, Director: Patrik Bergner, Teater Iris

2007  Siri von Essen - Lead, Tribadernas Natt, Director: Mathias Lafolie, Teater Iris/BERNS 

FILM & TV - a selection

2017  Lead, En Svensk klassiker, Director: Måns Berthas Filmuminati 

2016  Supporting actress, Flykten från enplansvillorna, Director: Johan Tappert, Folke Film 

2015  Interactive guide, Informative film - English and Swedish, Contento Wassum/Prolounge

2015  Lead, Short film, The Swedish Academy of Performing Arts - Masters Degree

2013  Lead, Let go by MOLN - Music video, Director: Gabriella Boode

2013  Lead, Bad News, Director: Robert Selin, Intrig Film/Njuta Films 

2013  Supporting actress, Find it and kill it, Director: Kaire Russ, Ond Film

2011  Lead, SKIFTE, Director: Daniel Burman, Roadside Picnic 

2010  Dubbing in english, The Great Dying, Karin Engman, Ödmården Filmproduktion

2010  Lead,The Road Home, Director: Robert Selin, Intrig Film Director: Robert Selin

2009  Supporting actor, Web series in english - English Town, Team Tony

2008  Lead, Online Game Hotel 626, Director: Tom Malmros, B-Reel/Doritos USA


Fluent in English, both British and American dialect. Also speak Spanish.

Dance Argentinian Tango. Stage combat. Singer - contralto


2019   Master of Fine Arts "Artistic self reflection" - Stockholm University of the Arts

2018  "Acting for Actresses" with Anna Pettersson - Strindbergs Intima Teater, Stockholm

2016  "Improvisation, fantasy and collaboration" with Lennart R Svensson - The Theatre Alliance, Stockholm

2015  "The thought and the word" with Henric Holmberg - The Theatre Alliance, Stockholm

99-00 Acting for Theatre and Film - The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, New York

98-99 Acting for The Theatre - Kulturama, Stockholm

00-01 Acting for The Theatre - Kulturama, Stockholm